• 2016.08.16 Dining tables of the world: Vietnam Vol.1

    There are many different families in the world, and many different dining tables. This time we visited a family home in Vietnam.


    At Ajinomoto, we believe in what we consider our own specialty.

  • 2016.08.16 SCHOOL MEAL PROJECT

    We wish to improve the diet and nutrition intake of a country's children through spreading enriched school lunches. In an effort to make this wish come true, Ajinomoto Vietnam runs a school lunch project at local elementary schools.

  • 2016.08.16 This is a research lab

    Here at Ajinomoto Vietnam, specialists passionate about pursuing deliciousness engage in research each day.

  • 2016.08.16 Our environmental initiatives: Vietnam

    At the Ajinomoto Vietnam factory in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh city,with the aim of having zero burden on the natural environment, thorough consideration is given to equipment and production processes which are environmentally-friendly.

  • 2016.08.16 Sales persons on the go!: Vietnam

    Here, at the southern branch of Ajinomoto Vietnam, there are salespersons who deliver products every day to customers in the local marketplace.

  • 2016.08.16 Contributing to a Brighter Future of Children ~The Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project~

    The Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project is attempting to set up a social business that solves serious social issues in developing countries, such as malnutrition, through sustainable businesses.

  • 2016.08.16 BUSINESS EYE

    BUSINESS EYE introduces Ajinomoto activities covered in news programs by major broadcasters.

  • 2016.08.16 Dining tables of the world: Thailand Vol.2

    Supisara Songsiri lives about ten minutes away by car from the center of Bangkok. Her shy daughter loves to help her cook.

  • 2016.08.16 Dining tables of the world: Thailand Vol.1

    Today, we visit the home of Sapsri. She cuts, crushes, boils, fries… Chalarat, a Thai mom, works with grandma to transform ingredients into delicious dishes in no time at all.

  • 2016.08.16 Kids’ Adventure: A Factory Processing Fresh Ingredients: Thailand

    Phakhaphon and Kantapong visit a food plant in Nongkhae where RosDee, a popular seasoning in Thailand, is made.