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For prudence in water usage

For prudence in water usage

We use a large amount of water in the production process.But the water on this Earth is a limited natural resource. With the world population growing, water shortage is a global concern. We need to recognize this and take action to conserve natural resources.We’d like to tell you what we at Ajinomoto Group are undergoing for this purpose.

Global water situation 1,400,000,000k㎥ of water cover the Earth. Only 0.01% can be used as drinking water.

Our water utilization Our 120 factories in 21 countries use a lot of water.

Our utilization of water amounts as much as 164,184,000,000 500ml plastic bottles.

Our challenges for water conservation: 1 Reducing water usage in production. We achieved -60% water usage in our factories in 9years.

2 Returning cleaner water to nature. We developed machines for purifying water and installed them in our factories around the world.

The water from our factories is clean and suitable for fish to live in.

From our factories around the world, we return 73,792,000k㎥ of clean water to nature every year.

Our goal is to eliminate wastes by 2016 and cleanse what we have borrowed from nature, before returning them.

As of March,2014

At Ajinomoto, we conduct and manage waste water treatment at every factory in the world.