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What Makes Your Body

What Makes Your Body

Your body is renewed everyday

Your body consists of as many as 60 trillion cells. These invisible cells are replaced with new ones and circulate in your body everyday. The aged cells die and new cells are produced which amount to several hundreds of billions in a day. It means that what you may be tomorrow is a bit different from what you are today. Isnユt that amazing!

Where does the food go?

After you eat everyday, digestion occurs to convert food into energy and become basic nutrients that are taken into your body. The nutrients travel through the veins to all parts of the body, and turn into the energy and materials that used for replacing old cells with new ones.

What you eat makes what you become in the future

Just as with hair, muscles, blood, or bones, most parts of your body go through a renewal process every few days to every few years. Your everyday meal affects the activities inside your body. Having a delicious, well-balanced diet every day is very important in building a healthy body for the future.